Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dear La Kula Blanca,
I've just started dating this rad and beautiful girl. The only problem, is that she wears WAY too much makeup. What is most tactful way to let her know she doesn't need it? or, more importantly, that it kinda freaks me out?
--Eager for your response, yours truely, JustCallMeScared.

Well, JCMS, i agree, too much make up is truly frightening. Having said that, not to brag or anything, but i am blessed with flawless skin myself, so it's a little hard to figure this one out. anyway, depending on how big of an asshole you're ready to be, here's a couple options: there's always the push her in the snow/pool/water balloon tactic, but she probably won't want to be girlfriend after that. Your best bet is probably to just compliment her a whole lot before bed or in the am (when hopefully its washed/rubbed off). Or you can pay for a 'make over' at a make up counter before a hot date! Maybe also drop hints on how you hate it when other (beautiful) women (name drop actresses or singers or something) where too much make up they look like tranny/vamps! WHEW! this one was a toughy!

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