Monday, January 25, 2010

Goin' Green

Dearest la kula blanca -
I've recently gone vegan for health reasons and am having trouble dining out. I've found some delish soups at Revolutionary Soup and saw some yummy looking vegan cake at the Mudhouse, but what I'm really looking for is a nice place to dine that really fills my tummy. Where are all the decent places to go out for dinner in Charlottesville and get a great vegan meal? I feel like there must be quite a few vegans in town - I wonder why we don't have a totally vegan restaurant or cafe yet. Or do we? Do you have any suggestions for dining out in the ville meat and dairy-less?
- anonymous

Damn, I tried to quit bread and cheese for two weeks and nearly starved to death!
I'm more familiar with the vegetarian fare around town, but i'll do my best:
my first go to would be some pan-asian cuisine (Thai 99, Lime Leaf, Pad Thai, Ming Dynasty, Korea House, Milan, Maharaja, Taste of India or (and only because its downtown...i actually think these two are the lesser restaurants) Downtown Thai or Himalayan Fusion
I Think the Tea House also has light vegetarian fare and Stix has some good options
Also, Christians, Dr. Hos' Humble Pie, and Mellow Mushroom all have vegan pizza (yum)!
hmm...Then there's also Nicolas Veggies (in the old dumpling window), I.Y., and Whole Foods!
The Grand Finale is a B&B forty minutes away in Schuylar. Get your romance on at the White Pig Bed & Breakfast and Animal Sanctuary. They claim to be "A Vegan Oasis in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central Virginia"

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