Thursday, January 21, 2010

Newbie to the Lonely Hearts Club

so i'm fresh out of a 10 year relationship. i've never really dated. how do i transition to being a single girl, when i've thought of myself as being someone unavailable for so long? i really want to get laid, and i'm not sure how to set about making that happen....any help?--anonymous

Dear Anonymous: Dating is hard. Personally, my first 'dates' are usually breakfast in the morning (if you catch my drift!) In this town, i think your best bet (at getting laid) is to sass it up at the bars, bat your eyelashes, and put on your best 'dont ask/dont tell face'! as far as this transitioning into a blossoming relationship, in my opinion, you're most likely better than all the dudes in this town, so you should probably move!!

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